Pure Wellness at the Hotel Wessobrunn

Discover our new Klosteroase

Mens sana in corpore sano...

A fact that was already known in ancient Rome. And where can both mind and body better to new forces than in the new Klosteroase of

the Hotel Wessobrunn? Whether in one of the various saunas, in the infrared cabin or during a Kneipp treatment - relaxation is guaranteed in our new wellness area.

Afterwards you can enjoy some me time in the impressive 
panoramic relaxation room or on the sunbathing lawn which can be reached by direct access. Furthermore, our solar-heated outdoor pool with massage whirlpool and children's pool with air

bubble offers you the perfect place to relax!

NEW! A spacious pamorama fitness room for all your indoor activities.


Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is an ancient bathing tradition and has a very healthy, soothing effect. Among other things, it strengthens the nerves, as well as the muscles and cleanses the skin and soul.

Steam Bath

The steam bath, also known as Roman or Turkish bath, is ideal for relaxing. Through the interplay of pleasant warmth, moisture and the evaporation of natural essences, cramps are released and the blood circulation is stimulated.

Infrared Cabin

For thousands of years, the healing power of warmth has been used to increase the wellbeing, relief from muscle tension and enhance physical regeneration. Enjoy the soothing heat of the infrared cabin that goes under the skin.

Relaxation room

Our light-flooded relaxation room offers you the ideal place to recharge your batteries and let go. Experience quiet moments in a pleasant atmosphere with a wonderful view on a unique natural landscape.

Massage Hotel Wessobrunn Holiday Merano relax head massage
Massage Hotel Wessobrunn Holiday Merano relax Back and neck massage
Massage Hotel Wessobrunn Holiday Merano relax

Treat yourself to moments of calm for body, mind and soul with a soothing massage. We offer:

• Classic full body massage

Relaxation massage from head to toe, with pleasant, adapted classic massage technique. Goal: Letting go of all tension.

• Intensive back massage

Relaxation from the neck to the hips through the intensive fascia technique. With warm wraps and essences that stimulate circulation. The grips are adapted to your tissue and the structure of your spine and are beneficial

• Foot massage with activation of the reflex zones

The foot reflex zone activation is a zone-bound, reflective organ treatment. By specifically activating this zone on the foot, increased blood flow to the rgans and body regions can be achieved.

• Sports massage with fascia technique

Before sport, muscle preparation for the upcoming activity, through fascia release and therapy The muscles are freed from the ligaments. After sport, avoidance and resolution of "muscle soreness" as well as help with overloaded joints. The sports massage works as a pain therapy even without physical activity.

• Massage with singing bowls

The singing bowls work from the cell level to the energy field. The cell vibrates down to the cell nucleus, which brings back tension and vitality. The energy field is cleared, all stress dissolves and the person experiences a calmness like never before.

• Meridian massage

The treatment that brings a flow back into vitality by balancing the body. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the organs are treated: kidney, liver, heart, stomach-spleen-pancreas and lungs in the foreground. The massage of the meridians with pressure, as well as balancing, smooth Ying Yang strokes and invigorating organ compresses result in complete well-being and health. 

• Lymphatic drainage to rejuvenate the face, legs and joints

Detoxification and purification by stimulating the large lymphatic system. Relief of the superficial lymphatic tissue. All accumulations of water, congestion in the connective tissue regenerate. The result: facial rejuvenation, relief from swelling and heavy legs as well efficient wound healing.

• XXL massage individually for deep relaxation of body and mind

Finally enough time for body, mind and soul! Special combination of the entire offer: all techniques are specifically adapted to the constitution of the body. Short preliminary talk to offer the treatments, such as warm herbal wraps, muscle relaxation, joint relief, deeply relaxing massages from head to toe zones and much more, exactly according to your needs. After this treatment, a detailed body check is summarized for the guest.

Our masseuse and wellness coach Sarah Maria is looking forward to spoiling you. Upon request, massages can be booked in advance for your stay.

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