Gourmet delight on your holiday with mediterranean flair

Holiday in Merano with pleasure

During your holiday in Merano, you can expect requiescence and recuperation from everyday life as well as finesse while eating and drinking. These are just some of the basics for a gourmet holiday which essentially describes the philosophy of our house.

Holidays in Merano with alpine mediterranean pleasure

Unmistakable for connoisseurs' hearts: Authentic South Tyrolean cuisine at its best, sensitively complemented by 

Mediterranean creations, enriched by fresh ingredients from our own herb garden and the quality products from South Tyrol. You will experience a holiday in Merano that will make every connoisseur's heart beat faster. While enjoying the daily delicacies from the kitchen, a noble drop from the cellar is indispensable.

Our love for the old tradition of wine cultivation brings out our exquisite homegrown wine.

Open and hearty - Panorama for a new day

The flair of our air-conditioned panorama dining room is a charming invitation in itself. Feel the warm atmosphere, the refreshing spirit and the

Mediterranean flair of palm trees and oleander as well as an impressive mountain world during your holiday in Merano. Thus, you have already gained many suggestions for your holiday in Merano and can be invited to a hearty breakfast buffet by the dreamy panorama.

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Beautiful family-run hotel