Holidays in Merano for every season

Sights in Merano

The spa town Merano invites you to linger for a while

and a holiday in Merano has its own charm in every season. Time is running slowly here and yet it passes by quickly while strolling through the streets and discovering the city. Experience the flowering time of a city. Merano transforms into a charming paradise of flowers and gardens especially during summer.

It's not only the botanical gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff, that are home to sun gardens, South Tyrolean landscapes and forest gardens from all over the world. It would be beyond the scope to list here everything Merano has to offer in terms of beauty, knowledge and culture. There is plenty for eyes and mind to feast on in Merano: wonderful facades from the Belle Epoque, framed by admiring roses and palm trees, allow you to sense the feeling of nature of the 19th century.

Merano's old town & arcades

Merano's old town is the lively center of Merano! Here you can enjoy small walks, shopping and in between a cappuccino or an ice cream. The heart of the old town are the arcades, where you will find lovely bars and taverns as well as traditionals shops.

The promenades in Merano

The promenades of Merano reflect the flair of the city and are by far one of the most popular way to discover the spa town of Merano by foot. The magnificent scenery invites you to enjoy your holiday in Merano and let your soul dangle.

The Kurhaus of Merano

The majestic Kurhaus on the Passer promenade of Merano is the inofficial symbol of the city and hosts numerous events such as international concerts, proms and banquets, presentations and press conferences. Moreover there is a restaurant and the Tourist Office of Merano.

The Therme Merano

The Thermal Baths of the spa town Merano are an outstanding oasis of health and well-being. Enjoy a relaxing day in the 7,650 m² spa landscape of Merano. 25 pools and treatment pools ensure that you do something good to your body and soul.

The gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff

The botanical garden of the Castle Trauttmansdorff is one of the most beautiful garden in Italy. Colourful plants from all around the world thrive and bloom in Trauttmansdorff’s more than eighty garden landscapes. It enthuses with its unique experiential world of nature, art and culture.

Castel Tirol

The beautiful Castel Tyrol is situated high above Merano, surrounded by steep slopes with a fantastic panoramic view on Merano and surroundings. The castle is the former seat of the Counts of Tyrol and hosts an exhibition of the history of South Tyrol from its origins to the present day.

Flight show of raptors

On the hill at Castel Tirolo you can experience flight shows of raptors like eagles, falcons, buzzards and owls. These flight shows are organized by the Bird Care Centre of Castel Tirolo, which is aimed at treating injured or poisoned birds.

Fortresses and Castles in Burgraviato

With more than 800 fortresses, castles, ruins and manor houses South Tyrol has a large cultural heritage to preserve. Among the most popular are Castel Tirolo, Trauttmansdorff and Juval.  Over the years the historic buildings have been used for many purposes, such as serving as museums. 

Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messer, the world-famous extreme mountaineer, has managed to build a total of 6 museums in South Tyrol. In his Messner Mountain Museums he lets us participate in this life and empathize with the fascination of the mountains.

The Prince’s Castle

The Prince’s Castle of Merano is one of the 400 castles and fortresses of South Tyrol. For a long time, the building was the administrative seat of the Counts of Tyrol. It was planned to turn into a school, but after many protests the building became a museum.

Castel Kallmünz

The Castel Kallmünz, a typical Tyrolean mansion, is located at the heart of Merano and has a long history, beginning with 1430 and Andrä Kalmüntzer. Even though the castle is closed for the public, there are a number of exhibitions several times of the year. Since 2003 it also houses a little restaurant. 

The Women's Museum

Since the 15th April 2011, the Women's Museum has a new home - at the Kornplatz in the spa town of Merano. The building is a former St. Clare monastery founded in 1309.

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